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Open Source

Everything that we make is 100% Open Source and developed collaboratively by people from all over the world.

Focus on Performance

We run benchmarks against major web frameworks before publishing a version.

Targeting Vision

We bring developers into the Go community by designing unique features.

"After Go, programming in anything else seems as difficult as balancing the State of California’s budget."

Iris Command Line Interface

Live Reload and Iris Project Templates to get started fast and easy.

Live Reload

Iris CLI is smart enough to separate and understand backend and frontend changes, it rebuilds your javascript packages and sends a refresh signal to the browser.

Install Templates

Install, run and watch project templates to get started fast. React, Typescript, Svelte, Bootstrap, Admin Panel…

Install Iris CLI
Iris Command Line Tool


A toolkit to help you build a data visualization admin panel for your Application. go-admin

A toolkit to help you build a data visualization admin panel for your Application

Full Overview

Iris has ton of features. It’s a Web Framework, not just a router.

Familiar API

Sinatra-like API. If you worked with expressjs you will feel Iris like home.


We do not not rely on software that could potentially break your server.


Iris performs faster than any other HTTP/2 full-featured Go frameworks.

Navigate through benchmarks


Iris is built on top of the standard http package. It is fully compatible with all existing middlewares.

Powerful Routing

Iris supports dynamic path parameters and inline functions. It does not break when you register a wildcard in the same path pattern other dynamic or static routes are registered on.

Learn more about Iris Routing


Print information, debug stacktraces or log server’s requests into JSON, Iris Logger has your back.

Scalable Sessions

Iris Sessions provides the best experience for you to work with modern http sessions. You can run as many as Iris web servers you want listening on one or more Redis Clusters.

Learn about modern Iris sessions

Scalable Websocket

The webscoket server is fast, easy to use and fully featured. It supports NATS and Redis backends for scalability and high performance.

Learn more about Iris real-time communication

MVC Pattern

It’s true that Go developers are missing real MVC support. Net Core and Microsoft did an amazing job to provide that concepts into Production. Iris comes to do the same for Go developers, without the performance cost than .NET team had to sacrifice over it. Iris MVC and Dependency Injection feature is very powerful, giving you even more features and freedom than both Java EE and .NET Core provide today: bind services, models, request data, persistence data, sub controllers into your Controller’s fields and its methods. Hijack responses, requests, error handling per controller or per group of controllers.

Learn more about Iris MVC

File Server

Where the standard http.FileServer is not enough. Iris comes to complete the blank between simplicity and production-level file serving. With automatic HTTP/2 Index Assets Push. Support of Embedded files. In-memory cache of static assets like css, javascript and images. On-fly or cached compression based on client’s needs. You can rest by knowning your assets will be delivered as fast and safe as possible.

Wiki page about File Serving

Smart Compression

Compress responses and decode compressed request data with ease. Iris supports gzip, deflate, brotli and snappy encodings. Negotiation takes place between server and client side for choosing the best algorithm candidate to proceed with.


You can craft your amazing website by choosing your favorite markup syntax. Iris provides and supports 6 different templates engines. The (standard) HTML, Django, Handlebars, Jet and Pug parsers.

Read more


Have you ever had difficulties converting your app or parts of it from HTTP to gGRPC or did you ever wish you had decent HTTP support for your gRPC services? Now, with Iris you have the best of two worlds. Expose any gRPC service to an Iris HTTP Controller with a single line of code.

Learn more about Iris + gRPC


With Iris you will never find yourself searching for a third-party library to render or read any type of data. Iris Context supports all major formats: Text, HTML, Markdown, XML, YAML, Binary, JSON, JSONP, Problem, Protocol Buffers, Message Pack. Streaming or SSE is easy as well. Content Negotiation feature by-default.

API Versioning

Build stable and productive APIs for your users. Iris provides excellent semver versioning for APIs.

Improve your API stability


Iris provides extensive support for the Sitemap Protocol which automatically generates sitemaps /sitemap{n}.xml.

Improve SEO

Authentication and Authorization

JSON Web Tokens builtin into the framework. Also, hcaptcha and recaptcha middlewares to block bots. Request ID and more.

Read more


Localization feature provide a convenient way to retrieve strings in various languages, allowing you to easily support multiple languages within your application. Reading locale files from a directory or embedded into the executable file itself.

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Tests should be fun to write and easy to read. Go has great packages to test http handlers, however Iris provides an adapter for an amazing 3rd-party test suite that is designed for readability. You can write beautiful tests for a route handler or for a whole application with ease.

Read more

Localhost? Nah

Iris offers ngrok integration. Expose your localhost to the global internet. Powerful feature. Testing on a realistic domain. It really helps when you want to quickly show your development progress to your colleagues or the project leader at a remote conference.

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What people are saying

Why not let our happy developers do the talking?

Testimonial author


Web Developer

How is Iris not more famous? It seems like a brilliant Web framework. I’m using it for my projects from now on, at least. That’s for sure!

Testimonial author

Cuong Minh Trinh

Web Developer

Good framework, quick response from author. I email to him a problem in example, he emailed me twice and created a new example.

Testimonial author

Eduard Urbach

Go Software Engineer

Go’s Iris framework paired up with Aerospike Database completes 50k HTTP requests with ~100 μs per request (0.1 ms, 1 DB fetch each).

Testimonial author

Ephraim Silalahi

Del Institute of Technology

I’m using Iris Web Framework framework to build an inventory management system.

Testimonial author

Frank Rousseau

Software maker since 1997

Iris web framework for Go looks to be better documented and featured than its competitors.

Testimonial author


Tech Lead at ThoughtWorks

I was using Gin. From a Response Time of 180ms to 5ms. Impressive!

Testimonial author

Jason Wangsadinata

Systems Developer at Brankas

Iris makes building applications much faster and intuitive, especially when I need to get things up and running quickly.

Testimonial author

Jérôme Pinguet

Physician (GP)

Iris web framework in Go running on Android. Who needs the cloud to build a personal health network?

Testimonial author

Kenniston Bonfim

Senior Solution Architect

I have been working with Iris for one year with great results. In my project we successfully integrate Iris with graphQL for provide data for mobile client.

Testimonial author

Majid Bigdeli

Software Engineer

I have been experimenting with .NET and Nodejs programming for several years. But the project Iris is the best way I’ve worked with. Thank you.

Testimonial author

Matteo Galeotti


I just want to thank you for your amazing work on Iris. Finally with Go’s power, web programming is fun again.

Testimonial author

Tanvir Shahid

System Architect at ‎Retail AI, Inc

Iris has all MVC features for web development.

Testimonial author

TechMaster Vietnam

Programming Video Courses

We build a Learning Management System using Iris framework. Very easy to learn, lot of examples and responsible author who replies questions and bug report promptly.

Testimonial author


Software Developer

Thanks to Iris, I build and run web apps with super fast speed. I love simplicity.

Testimonial author

Blain Smith

Senior Software Engineer at KINETIC

The speed looks impressive for Iris.

Testimonial author

Ahmet Ersin

Backend Developer

Actually I am an php and nodejs developer. I am interesting the go language and I found a simple and powerful web framework like symfony on php.

Testimonial author

Purya Ghahremani

Backend Developer

After implementing two sites with Iris, I am changing all backend services to use this framework. It’s fast, flexible, clean and comfortable.

Testimonial author

Gábor Lekeny

DevOps/Software Engineer at Alpaca

We use it and like it very much. Thanks for taking time and developing this great product.

Testimonial author

Julian Garzon

Software Engineer at Puntored

I’m a MVC guy and just love Iris.

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